Child-Focused Before- & After-School Care & Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Little Einstein's Montessori School offers educational pre-kindergarten programs for young children in and around Houston, Texas. Our center also provides before- and after-school care for older kids who need assistance with their homework in case their parents are not available. We designed these programs to help make your child independent.

Pre-Kindergarten Program
Our teachers are trained to make sure that children are developing at their level, and they discuss this with the parents. The children are encouraged to express their creative side by using different types of arts and crafts activities available for them. They are introduced to different cultures, and they learn to appreciate the diversity of nature. The primary program is also filled with exercises that stimulate the child's five senses, namely:

• Olfactory
• Visual

• Tactile
• Auditory 

• Taste

Learning about the Senses
We use "smelling bottles," to stimulate the children's olfactory sense by distinguishing the smells of coffee, strawberry, and spices, among other things. They differentiate between shapes and materials by feeling certain items with their eyes closed; and their auditory sense is sharpened by the games played in the classroom. When they taste diverse and ethnic foods, they are introduced to the beauty of nature and they start to appreciate it all the more.

Happy Kid

Educational Activities
Fairly early in the program, we introduce the kids to phonics. This is then followed by reading phonetic readers. We also do interesting classroom activities designed to help them learn about:

• Numbers
• Classification of Animals
• Flags of Different Countries • Land & Water Formations • Science Experiments

Before- & After-School Program
When they get home after a long day at work, parents are often short of time and too tired to help their children with their homework. This is where we come in. We help the children with their homework and at the same time, give them the opportunity to socialize with friends and work on the computer. Elementary school children are encouraged to read as well to read to the primary class children. When you enroll your kid in this program, we'll arrange for his or her transportation—we offer drop-off and pickup services from public schools.

Contact us in Houston, Texas, for more information about our exciting pre-kindergarten and before- and after-school care programs.