About Little Einstein's Montessori School

Little Einstein's Montessori School is a dedicated child care center in Houston, Texas, focused on nurturing children's social and emotional development. We have different types of programs that fit every child's needs. We also offer private tutoring. Our teachers have been with us since we opened and they are very loving and devoted to every child in our care. Generally, our center offers the following benefits:

• Nurturing & Loving Infant Environment
• A Safe & Academically Enriched Environment
•Structured Toddler & Pre-K Curriculum • Dedicated & Loving Teachers

Complete Healthy Meal
We offer hot nourishing homemade lunches and dinners, as well as breakfast. During the day, we also give the kids two healthy snacks.

Summer Program
Little Einstein's Montessori School offers a summer program from June to the end of August. Some of the activities we do in this program include field trips to museums and libraries, the movies, and water play places. We also visit parks and zoos. 

Mission Statement
Little Einstein's Montessori School recognizes that each child is unique; that all children are creative and that all children should succeed. Little Einstein's Montessori School respects the individual needs of children; fosters a creative and caring environment that nurtures the child's curiosity, creativity, and imagination;  and places emphasis on the  intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of the children, making them confident and independent for future endeavors.

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