Day Care Programs for Positive Child Development

Develop your child's potential by enrolling them at Little Einstein's Montessori School in Houston, Texas. We provide day care services that aim to facilitate positive child development.

Infant Program
The teachers in the infant room are dedicated to making your child comfortable and happy. They sing and read to the children as these help in improving vocabulary. We'll also feed your child according to your instructions. With an abundance of patience and loving nature, our teachers make sure that each child is held when needed, especially when taking a bottle. We'll also allow them their independence, when needed.

Skill Development
Our teachers are highly trained to motivate infants to explore their emotions. They can also help in development of the following:


• Fine Motor & Gross Motor Skills • Social Skills • Communication Skills • Cognitive Skills

Toddler Program
Energetic and inquisitive toddlers need constant activities to stimulate their minds. Our teachers are trained to provide the children with an environment that will challenge their minds and improve their fine and gross motor movements. We also help them develop their social skills, by emphasizing the importance of grace and courtesy, and by generally having a happy and content day. 

Practical Exercises
Through practical life exercises, your child will work on becoming independent while improving his or her concentration skills and eye-hand coordination. Singing, dancing, and story reading are vital parts of the daily routine in learning different concepts including:

• Shapes • Colors • Sizes • Differentiating Expressions

Contact us in Houston, Texas, for more information on our comprehensive child development programs.